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        What is memory foam

        The slow rebound memory mattress apperceive the body temperature by the specific temperature memory particles,
        and provide the comfortable support hardness. 
        1. Material selected well, breathable, long lifetime, the memory foam mattress can be ensured up to 20 years.
        2. Does not hinder the blood circulation, will not fatigue and ache, reduces the unnecessary turn over times during
        the sleep, to increase the deep sleep time.  
        3. To avoid the shortcomings of the fatigue and stiff neck caused by the neck waist overhead and bending.
        4. Whether supine or side sleep, it can conform to the body shape automatically according to needs, effectively to
        resolve body pressure to zero, offset anti power, relax the neck, shoulder and waist. 

        ---This memory foam can be come back to original state in five seconds after you press it.It can support the body completely. 
        ---yellow color, never be oxidation. Also can be white color.
        ---Don't need to washing,don't insolate.
        --- We can do OEM,ODM.If you have any idea, you can let me know,we will do the product you want.
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        Zip code: 362000
        Manufacturer Add: Liaocuoqian Industrial District, LuoYang Town, Hui'an, Quanzhou, Fujian, China.
        Zip code: 362100
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